Twisted Fables for Twisted Minds

Sitting in his mansion on the hill, Lango Faldo realized his new-found friends were merely fair-weather while his old friends could no longer relate to him.
He felt a gnawing void within that no amount of alcohol, drugs, sex or partying could assuage. When Dallalia Wilkins, petite New Age con artiste with a small but sexy mouth, walked into his life, he was ripe for the picking.
By investing his money in her so-called spiritual pyramid sales scheme, she said, he'd once again find meaning in his life.
But seven months later found him a broken man, sleeping rough near Charing Cross. One night, a being (maybe an angel, maybe a barefoot doctor), stopped and bunged him some loose change.
'It's all just the play of yin and yang,' he said.
In that moment, Lango became enlightened.
He realized it was love that makes the world go round, not money.
He started wandering the world, spreading the word, amassing many followers. Journalists started writing about him in glowing terms, linking him to this celebrity and that; people posted messages about him and his wondrous powers in chat rooms far and wide; he got into running workshops about how to love one another, started coining it in and had soon made a million.
If you want to generate that kind of magic in your life right now, start at once by visualizing a stream of crimson-colored light emanating from your chest and enveloping the world with love.

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Images by the one and only Spanky Pymn