THE WHISPER by Luca Quaradeghini

Poems to lighten the dark

It’s best going into the darkness and have someone holding your hand

Most people are afraid of the dark, not just in a room, but within themselves.

R.D. Laing called it psycophobia – fear of our own mind.

There are many ways to dispel, or deal with it, and they all start with getting comfortable with it.

This book of thought provoking poems will help you

And remember it only takes on candle flame to extinguish the darkness in the whole room.

You can’t beat the darkness with a stick. All you can do is shine your own light brighter.

But to be able to, you have to be comfortable with the dark.

This book could help you.

Sometimes at the darkest hour it’s just the whisper of that still, small voice within that can save you and bring you back into the light.

Let Luca Quaradeghini take you boldly into the darkness, then bring you back out into the light with THE WHISPER.

hisper by Luca Quaradeghini,
Poems to lighten the dark

Here is a sample from one of his poems:

Slipping, falling, calling, sliding, denying and destroying
Whilst still providing excuses, presiding over every action
Conscious distraction, need more action
Reaction, relaxation, contradiction
Aware of this fleeting affliction
Back again, an estranged friend hell bent and heaven sent
Waiting, wanting, resorting to cavorting
With things left behind from the past
Still there to remind, every time, until the last
Diving, striving, reviving deeper
Darker, blacker, a common complex actor
Aware and scared on the floor
Unable to take more and more
Raw, animal, still intact
Constant, reliant, a slave in fact
Exactly what is meant by that
Is how I know how I’ll react
Better than this, I can’t resist, a brief kiss
Belief in myself persists’

Out on Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Pre-order your copy here

Pre-order your copy of THE WHISPER here

Pre-order your copy of THE WHISPER here