The Tao of Positive Noise

When you take your spirit body out on the street in order to enhance and expand your profound enjoyment in the midst of daily life (and by extension the profound enjoyment of all who gaze upon your enlightened countenance or with whom you interact while at rest, work or play), there will be intervals of forgetfulness, when distraction, excitement or anxiety run away with you and cause you to become momentarily internally disassembled.

During such intervals, though the integrity of your spirit body will not be affected – awareness of it (and access to it) will simply recede into the background. The internal somatic architecture, through which access to fifth-dimensional awareness of your spirit body is granted, is vulnerable to distortion when undue stress is placed on the physical mainframe.

In other words, while in the distracted, internally disassembled state, whether distracted by doubt, lust, desire, greed, vanity, anger or sloth, you will lose both maximum vertical and horizontal expansion of the body’s skeletal mainframe, your muscles will shorten and harden, reducing the fluency of blood and chi, and your breathing will lose fluidity, evenness and depth.

As a result, the super-conduits of your internal meta-network – the veins and arteries of your spirit body, will become cramped and distorted in places, causing energy blockages and leaks. This in turn will affect your general internal system of organ and bowel-related energy meridians, causing strain on those organs and bowels, which could temporarily or even permanently impair their proper function. This will weaken your immune system and leave you vulnerable to the harmful effects of both internal and external pathogens.

Moreover, during these intervals of distraction you temporarily cease to be in command of your psychoemotional state and revert instead to the over-stressed mode. These intervals are equivalent, by the way, to the original basis of our Western notion of sin, the ancient Greek word meaning the distance between arrow-fall and bull's-eye, implying being existentially off the mark or internally disassembled.

When in such mode, you are also far more likely to be self-destructively attracted to artificial stimulants: painkillers, drugs, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, chocolate and other junk food, gratuitous (and possibly unsafe) sex and impulse shopping.

Simultaneously, as a result of internal meta-network distortion and general internal disassembly, your energetic vibrational frequency rate will significantly decrease and leave you, according to the immutable law of mutual resonance, prone to attracting others vibrating at a similarly low rate – scallywags, mountebanks and rascals all.

All these factors combine to make you vulnerable to the forces of entropy and speed your demise.

To suddenly put such a process into reverse relying solely on using breath and internal awareness to reassemble yourself is not always easy or straightforward.

It’s precisely at such moments, to rapidly restore balance, you must turn your attention immediately to the five vital organs collectively responsible for the health and integrity of your physical mainframe.

And it’s fun – toning the sounds makes you feel instantly magnificent – it’s medical meditation at its best.

This wee book teaches you everything you need to know which with ongoing practice will wring huge changes for the better in all aspects of life.

It’s sound stuff.

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Images by the one and only Spanky Pymn