The Barefoot Doctor

The Barefoot Doctor, helped millions of people – author of 19 titles, authority on practical Taoism and its application in daily life as a tool for both attaining and maintaining sanity and inner peace, and mastery of the ‘world of the ten thousand things’ – achieving and delivering to your full potential on all counts. Trained in martial arts from age 11, schooled as a young man in the human condition by R.D. Laing, versed in shamanism living with the Taos Indians for 4 years, qualified in acupuncture and all Taoist medicine modalities, had the world’s busiest celebrity and civilian practice for nearly 20 years until 2000, had ubiquitous media presence in the UK and elsewhere, produced a successful healing body product range, completed a successful mental health project for the NHS in the UK helping people diagnosed as dangerous psychotics function more sensibly, then ran the world’s largest, most comprehensive online school in practical Taoism, ran retreats around the world, was consulted by captains of industry, politics, and media, was known for putting on innovative club-nights in Ibiza and globally, produced a variety of strands of ‘psycho-active’ music for dance halls and meditation under various aliases, and travelled the world peripatetically according to strictly Taoist principles, humbly doing everything in his power to help humanity enjoy itself more and not fall off a cliff, or at least delay that. He developed a unique use of Taoist practice to help people optimize all aspects of life.

He is sorely missed

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