THIS IS THE KEY by the Barefoot Doctor

THIS IS THE KEY by the Barefoot Doctor


108 perspective shifters

Previously published as ‘Instant enlightenment – 108 blessings’

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If you want to do some real magic in your life

If you want to instigate a movement

If you want to transform the world around you

If you want to open yourself to all the opportunities the world has to offer

If you want to create a life for yourself and those you love, of peace, love and plenty of it

If you want to live your everyday life from moment to moment in a heightened state of near-superhuman awareness?

Read this book and it can happen.

What perspective shifting means

It’s about clearing the fog of the everyday by stepping aside momentarily and seeing everything from a new angle — taking your attention off yourself and your personal dramas that are obscuring the clarity within and the magic without, and placing it instead on the energetic/spiritual region of reality. That way, you’ll enjoy life much more, whatever the weather.

THIS IS THE KEY by the Barefoot Doctor

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