In this book Barefoot Doctor helps bring out the true self. He brings out the part of you that loves being alive. He brings out the powerful part of you. This doesn’t stop you feeling vulnerable, or insecure. But it shows you how to maintain stability within yourself, whatever you’re going through.

Mastering Fear - overcome anxiety and panic for good

  • There are many reasons people are scared. A big one is the fear of abandonment. On a daily basis there is the fear the other will not like you and leave you. Then there’s the fear of being beaten by life, the fear of humiliation, being outcast, the fear of destitution, of starvation, of suffering awful pain. And underneath all this, when you allow yourself to be awake to it, is the fear of the existential terror, of the universe.

    And we cover this fear over, because if we didn’t we couldn’t function.

    And it’s our natural state, being terrified, and it’s OK. However, this underlying fear, if it’s not acknowledged, and adopted and embraced as a force works away against us and prevents us living life fully.

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