Liberation from your madness

Liberation has always held romantic appeal, whether it be from slavery, poverty, hunger, war or oppression—and great liberators have always been honored as heroes. For through liberation comes humankind's most sought-after treasure─freedom.

But as well you know, when you step on the gas and head off into the great unknown, keep driving long enough and you'll eventually run into another traffic jam, another border patrol. Now that our planet has been mostly colonized (by humans), freedom is no longer to be found by crossing external frontiers. But then, it never was—that was always an illusion.

Freedom is found within, by liberating yourself from your own internal struggle with life, in whatever form it takes, and with this comes peace. Once you've found liberation from preferring this over that, no external thing can hold you captive—not even prison walls.

If you find the key to liberating yourself from fear, greed, frustration, and other path-blocking negativities, then you unlock the prison door and walk free. In so doing, you become self-liberator and hero. Hero, because as soon as you are free, anyone privileged enough to be drawn into your personal orbit will also themselves be freed instantaneously.

Freedom is infectious─and ultimately unstoppable. It is simply a matter of being aware of the factors that entrap you from moment to moment, to different degrees at different times. It is these that prevent you fully living the unlimited life you really want; the life you can have if only you are willing to take the chance.

Pretty much every aspect of the human condition is covered, and most challenges to daily peace addressed – pick your issue and find the answer do the exercise and watch how it frees you from the shackles of confusion, depression, anxiety, anguish and all other psychopathies provided you’re lucid enough to read and implement the suggestions.

Presented in a fun, engaging, intelligent, easy-to-follow way that will reassure and heal you simply by the warmth and love transmitted through the words, and the exercises themselves when followed are highly effective. This book has been the healing miracle for millions of people who’d otherwise be a total mess now.

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Images by the one and only Spanky Pymn