If Moses was a Taoist preview

It has long been my desire to reframe the Ten Commandments as the underpinnings for a new world. And as well as the time now being right for the world to hear IF MOSES WAS A TAOIST, in my own development as a teacher and communicator, my handle on the inner methods has now reached a commensurate level to do it justice.

The Ten Commandments themselves allude to the ten ethical principles of natural grace, arising endogenously, spontaneously and automatically once the individual is internally aligned and centered, and thus in command of themselves. The ‘thou shalt not’ and ‘thou shalt’ approach to influencing people doesn’t even work with children, let alone adults. Treating the Ten Commandments as actual commandments is evidently nonsensical, as the very establishment which claims to follow them itself ordains and partakes of murder (at times of war), robbery (colonizing territories) and lying (disinformation and hypocrisy) on a grand scale.

And Moses represents that aspect of your psyche that yearns to lead you home, to oneness with all that is – the enlightened, transcendent state.

On the ride this book facilitates, we take the Ten Commandments and reposition them in light of the above, from a Taoism-informed, humanism-based perspective and so derive a feasible, effective and necessary template for a new world.


Commandment/Principle Six

Thou shalt not kill

Of all the ten, this commandment has been the most flagrantly disobeyed by the very temporal powers whose authority was presumably predicated on the Ten Commandments in the first place and ironically, cynically, in the name of God, through an almost never-ending succession of religiously inspired wars, as well as wars more overtly over wealth, power, resources and land.

If the power of the land tells you that you cannot kill unless it tells you to kill (in the case of war), or if it says that you cannot kill, but then kills you by execution if you do, it’s obvious that making such a commandment in the first place is a nonsensical thing to do.

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