Handbook for the Urban Warrior preview

You are an urban warrior.

If you’re here reading this book, anywhere in the global urbanized sprawl, dealing with your reality with some degree of consciousness, you’re an urban warrior. ‘Warrior’ may bring to mind all manner of images to you, from the muscle-bound gladiator to the diminutive tai chi master but these are just archetypes. ‘Warrior’ has the same root as ‘war’ so when you say you’re a warrior it implies that you’re at war. This war is an internal one, which is taking place in the spiritual realm between the forces of light and the forces of dark throughout the universe and specifically within you.

From the beginning of time the generative, life-affirming current has been at war with the degenerative, entropic, life-negating current and this drama is enacted millennium after millennium by us unwitting puppets.

War is happening in microcosm within each of us and in varying degrees macro-cosmically in our global society and the result to date is the world you see around you.

This is neither a negative nor positive statement but merely a description of a condition.

As a warrior, your challenge is successfully to negotiate this condition in order that you thrive, not just survive, in a state of relaxation and unshakeable, impenetrable wholeness in the very midst of events.

You do this by channeling the forces of light and dark within you into a perpetual dance of equality as opposed to an eternal series of inner street brawls. For this you need all your energy channels open so you can be centered, clear-minded, aware, alert, positive and loving in any conditions in order to appreciate fully and enjoy the miracle of your existence at all times.

When the two opposing forces are in harmony within you the world around you will reflect this and you will manifest harmony wherever you go.

As a warrior you take responsibility for holding the balance between light and dark within you and, by extension, the world around you, and ultimately when you go deep enough, the universe.

Written in 1998 though fully contemporary the book is eerily prophetic and aside from deservedly being a seminal self-help classic with its quirky style and jaunty angles, and being essentially useful, it’s also fun to read and practice the suggested techniques. Reading and using this book constitutes an experiment with reality and we’ll be delighted to hear of your own findings and transformative results so do let us know once you’ve had a chance to set your process motion.

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