Handbook for Modern Lovers preview

Barefoot Doctor's Handbook for Modern Lovers is the third of a trilogy of handbooks dealing with the 'eternal' triumvirate that appears to make the material world go round, namely Power, Money and Sex (PMS).

I present the following material, not to shock or show off in any way, but to share with you, humbly and honestly, the vast wealth of sexual experience I have gained, both as a professional healer and private aficionado, as it would be a shame to let it go unwritten.

In so doing, I write as I would speak to you if I were in the room with you now (and I wasn't trying to behave myself and watch my language because you were the Queen/King or something of similar standing). As a result, words often considered taboo pop up in the text with some frequency, as do instances of inevitable schoolboy humor, alongside descriptions of extreme explicitness.

My belief (and wish) is that reading this handbook will greatly enhance the value and increase the frequency of quality sexual experience in your life, thereby making you a happier, healthier person, who's more sexually confident and fun to be around and who consequently gets laid more often, (and that you'll be singing 'Barefoot Doctor is a brick' from the rooftops).

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