Driving with your Eyes Closed


I say I'm a supercharged Taoist because for more than 35 years I've been training in Taoist martial arts, qigong, and meditation. Just as it promised in the instruction leaflets, these practices have generated an accumulation of supercharged energy that courses through me and everything I do. This makes my life exciting, endlessly varied, and full of adventure. Using the ancient Taoist wu-wei manifesting methods – focusing on being, not doing, and intending things into existence rather than trying to force them – I'm able to create reality as I wish it to be, almost instantaneously. I say this humbly. Also, by letting the Taoist philosophy underscore everything I think, do, and say, I've learned to be flexible in my thinking. Flexibility lets me enjoy all aspects of the ride to the fullest, whether in an up phase or a down one. I feel blessed by all this and want to share my good fortune with you. I want you, in your own style, to be blessed in the same way.

I've always had a desire to share the wonder of the Tao with others. That's been my motivation for as long as I can remember. I have an enthusiasm for it, a childlike exuberance that carries me through life in a way that uplifts and cheers me. I've found that over the years my exuberance has helped others feel exuberant too. That is how I want this book to leave you feeling, and I want all of Britain and the whole world beyond to feel exuberant too.


Understand the rhythm of life – not intellectually, but by feeling it in your body – and you understand the rhythm of the way the forces of expansion and contraction, the yin and yang of Taoist philosophy, the zeros and ones of our present technological reality, alternate with each other. Understand that and you understand the rise and fall of fortune. Understand that and you have a chance of seeing through the everyday game to the eternal state behind it. Seeing through to eternity behind the game from moment to moment, you're liberated from the suffering that comes with being entranced. Furthermore, you're able to shift the actual conditions of the everyday, simply by perceiving them differently.

Right from the start I was eager to be liberated from suffering and to shift external conditions by magic (as I have no doubt we all are at some level). And I was eager to be doing it rather urgently with the red ants.

As I stood there among the red ants on the red soil with the red bite on my foot, instinctively banging out that beat with the pine cones on the log, causing reverberations in the ground to radiate in ever-increasing concentric circles (I could feel it), I noticed that the ants would keep a respectful distance. But when I stopped, they'd start moving dangerously toward me. It seemed obvious to me at that moment that such rhythmically induced vibration activation was a powerful tool for keeping the sting of life at bay, for keeping the disparate elements composing the everyday in order.

Not that I intellectualized it as such. I just knew it and accepted it. I also knew, from having experimented with sharing my findings, feelings, and rhythmic skills with my peers, that knowing and accepting your mysterious powers is not common. However, rather than dwelling on feeling different, I was always consumed with the desire to help those around me wake up to their own unique powers. Then I could have some fun with them in a way that was deeper than the relatively frivolous and superficial behaviorally conditioned variety generally on offer.

That urge to share the blessings so everyone could have more and more fun was always there, quite possibly also inherited from former lives; I don't know. Personally, I believe in past lives and hence, future ones, simply because it's easier to make sense of what appear to be the awful inequities of the world if you see this life as just one phase of many in the soul's eternal journey.

I realize that you're already wondering probably why I'm banging on about rhythm, excuse the pun, and what does that have to do with becoming a barefoot doctor, or more precisely for our purposes here, The Barefoot Doctor.

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